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Research Equipment/ Furniture Decommissioning

Any research equipment and furniture that may have been in contact with or may contain chemical, biohazardous or radioactive substances, must be decommissioned by Environmental Heath & Safety prior to disposal. Queen's University must ensure that all environmental hazards are removed in order to comply with existing regulations and to prevent any spread of contaminants into the environment.

There is no cost to individual departments, but a few simple procedures must be followed:

1. Prepare a list of all items

  • identify the item
  • the make, model and serial number of each item is required
  • include location of item(s)

2. Assist with the decommissioning

  • Equipment that was used for radioactive materials must be swiped and a copy of the swipe records attached to equipment. Original copy of swipe records must be kept with laboratory radioactive records.
  • Equipment used in a biohazard laboratory must be thoroughly decontaminated using the appropriate disinfectant.
  • assemble all equipment in one place (if possible)
  • supply operators manual etc. for equipment (if available)
  • provide a contact name of the user/operator (if known)

3. Fill out and submit the decommissioning request form below

NOTE: A safety technician will then decommission the equipment and make the arrangements for final disposal. For further information call 78001 (Gerry Ducharme)

4. Arrange for final disposal

Once the safety technician decommissions the furniture/equipment the item is ready for disposal. Disposal arrangements for unwanted items can be made by filling out the appropriate Physical Plant Services form. Please note that there are separate forms for electronic waste pick ups and furniture pick ups. PPS no longer accepts phone calls, emails or faxed requests for furniture and ewaste pick ups. Purtell schedules these pick ups weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

NOTE: There will be no pickup unless Environmental Health and Safety decommissions all items bound for disposal

Decommissioning Request Form

Contact Information

Equipment Location


All equipment used for RADIOACTIVE work has been decontaminated and swipe records attached to the equipment
All equipment used in a BIOHAZARD laboratory has been Disinfected