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Dan Langham

Dan is responsible for the overall management of the Department of Environmental Health & Safety. He is also responsible for pro-actively engaging in the management and development of administrative, technical, regulatory and educational programs and services designed to promote a safe and healthy work environment at Queen's University.

Dan is also the coordinator of the Queen's University HAZMAT Team.

e-mail dan.langham@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x74980 Internal 74980

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Mary Pople
Administrative Assistant

Mary is responsible for overseeing and performing all the day to day administration duties of the EH&S office. She is the main communicator for the department, representing the unit with staff, students and external agencies. She provides advice and consultation regarding policy interpretation, guidance, planning and instructional advice to callers.

Mary is responsible for all radioactive purchases on campus, providing advice, leadership and guidance to researchers on this matter. She acts as a liaison between the university and external companies to ensure timely delivery of radioactive materials needed for costly research projects.

Mary is secretary of the Biohazard and Radiation Committees as well as Departmental Telecommunications Representative.

e-mail mary.pople@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x74973 Internal 74973

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Jennifer Spencer
Senior Secretary

Jennifer is responsible for assisting with the day to day administration duties of the EH&S office.

She is responsible for the registration of WHMIS, First Aid, Radiation Safety and other courses offered by the department. She marks tests associated with these courses and produces certificates to qualified participants. She also maintains the entire training data base.

Jennifer is responsible for the gathering and reporting of workplace accidents on campus.

e-mail Jennifer.Spencer@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-2949 Internal 32949

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University Radiation Safety Officer

The University Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for administering the policy of the University and its Radiation Safety Program and acting as the liason with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

They teach Radiation Safety and WHMIS and Safety Awareness to all new researchers, technicians and graduate students.

e-mail safety@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-2999 Internal 32999

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Tom Martinek
Hazardous Waste/Biohazards

Tom's main responsibilities include chemical/biohazardous waste disposal and management, biohazard cabinet testing and certification, air quality investigations/review (chemical, mold , asbestos etc.).

Tom is a member of the Queen's University HAZMAT Team.

e-mail tom.martinek@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x74976 Internal 74976

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Shelagh Mirski
University Biosafety Officer

Shelagh works with the Queen's University Biohazard Committee to translate the requirements of external bodies and legislation into specific policies and procedures for the University.

She is responsible for promoting a high standard of safe practice within University laboratories which handle biohazardous agents; providing information and advice on safe importation, handling, decontamination and disposal of biohazardous agents; reviewing applications for Biohazard Permits; and monitoring compliance by conducting site visits.

Shelagh is a member of the University HAZMAT Team and is the primary emergency response person for incidents involving biological materials.

e-mail shelagh.mirski@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x77077 Internal 77077

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Sandra Jeffers
Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy

The OCASP Co-ordinator is responsible for collection and analysis of the OCASP Activity reports [Form 1], and for follow-up on outstanding reports.

Analysis of the reports indicates areas that require further training, or the provision of further information concerning hazards that have been encountered during off-campus activities, which have not been indicated through other resources/on-line sites.

The OCASP Co-ordinator is also a resource person to faculty and departmental exchange co-ordinators and off-campus activity representatives, as well as to those persons planning or undertaking off-campus activities.

e-mail OCASP.Coordinator@QueensU.CA
Phone 613-533-6000 x78064 Internal 78064

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James Dick
Fire Safety Co-ordinator

The Fire Safety Co-ordinator is responsible for conducting Fire Safety Inspections in all University Buildings in accordance with the guidelines as laid out in The Ontario Fire Code and is also the University liason with the Kingston Fire Department and the Ontario Fire Marshals Office in Toronto.

He assists other members of our staff in providing Lab Safety Courses to our various technical/research departments. He also conducts Fire Extinguisher Training for Faculty and Staff.

The Fire Safety Co-ordinator is a member of the Queen's University HAZMAT Team.

e-mail james.dick@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x74977 Internal 74977

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Gerry Ducharme
Fire Safety Technician - Alarm Systems

Gerry is responsible for monthly and annual fire alarm testing. He ensures that all of our fire safety equipment and devices are in working order. Gerry maintains all fire extinguishers on campus (including Residence and Apartment & Housing). Gerry assists in Fire Extinquisher Training. Gerry also assists with the disposal of hazardous waste.

Gerry is a member of the Queen's University HAZMAT Team.

e-mail gerry.ducharme@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x78001 Internal 78001

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Tyler MacDonald
Safety Technician

Tyler's main responsibilities include testing of fumehoods and assisting with chemical/biohazardous waste disposal

Member of the Queen's University HAZMAT Team.

e-mail tyler.macdonald@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x79408 Internal 79408

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Ben Fiegen
HECHMET Inventory Stores Technician

Ben's main responsibilities include receiving of all chemicals that arrive on campus into the Hechmet Inventory System and delivering them to the labs that ordered them. He is also responsible for making sure that they are removed from the inventory system after they are empty. Ben also trains all Queens staff on the use of the Hechmet Inventory System.

Ben is also a member of the Queen's University Hazmat team.

e-mail ben.fiegen@queensu.ca
Phone 613-533-6000 x75119 Internal 75119>

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The Department of Environmental Health & Safety is committed to advancing accessibility for persons with disabilities at Queen’s University and we welcome your feedback. To let us know how we’re doing, you may wish to complete this Customer Service-Accessibility Feedback form https://www.queensu.ca/forms/index.php/accessibility/ add. All accessibility related feedback goes to the Accessibility Coordinator in the Equity Office, who will follow up with you as appropriate. Alternatively, you can submit feedback by e-mail, mail, fax, and phone. Please refer to the online form for all contact details.