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Radiation Safety

Queen's University is licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to possess, transfer, import, export, use and store nuclear substances, and radiation devices.

The Principal of Queen's University has appointed the University Radiation Safety Committee to carry the advisory responsibility for the overall operation of the University Radiation Safety Program. It is the policy of Queen's University that all activities involving radiation or radiation emitting devices be conducted so as to keep hazards from radiation to a minimum. The University is committed to ensure that all exposures are kept as low as reasonably achievable.

For information and assistance contact EH&S at 32999
or email safety@queensu.ca

Rainbow Line

Queen’s is committed to an inclusive campus community with accessible goods, services, and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. The above Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and Word (doc) files are available in an accessible format or with appropriate communication supports upon request.

Please contact EH&S in one of the following ways: