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Environmental Health and Safety

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Incident and Accident Reporting

Minor Incidents

Incident Report Form

A near miss is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage – but had the potential to do so. Only a fortunate break in the chain of events prevented an injury, fatality or damage

All near misses should be reported to Environmental Health and Safety using the Incident Report Form (PDF 445KB).

Spill Report Form

If the near miss resulted in a chemical, radioactive or biological spill please fill out the Spill Report Form and contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 32999.

First Aid

If any person (employee, student, visitor) only requires first aid as a result of an incident, it should be reported to Environmental Health and Safety by completing the Incident Report Form above.

Major Incidents

WSIB Employers Report of Injury/Disease (Form 7)

An incident must be reported to Environmental Health and Safety and a WSIB Form 7 (PDF 603KB) submitted if an incident results in:

  • Employee obtaining health care such as hospital or physician (Not first aid)
  • Lost Time
  • Requires modified duties at less than regular pay
  • Requires modified duties at regular pay for more than 7 calendar days after accident
  • Employee earning less than regular pay at regular work

The Form 7 must:

  • be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety within 24 hours of becoming aware of the accident
  • The Form 7/Employer's Report must be completed by the supervisor/safety officer (Not the employee)
  • Environmental Health and Safety will investigate the accident
  • Environmental Health and Safety will forward the Form 7 to the WSIB

WSIB Workers Report of Injury/Disease (Form 6)

A WSIB Form 6 (PDF 262KB) is the worker's report of injury/disease and the employee will receive it from the WSIB. It must be completed by the employee and returned to the WSIB.


Additional forms can be found on the WSIB Ontario website