Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

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Joint Health and Safety Committees

Queen’s University is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all of its faculty staff and students.  In order to encourage University wide participation in maintaining a well-functioning Internal Responsibility System, Queen’s University supports, in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, ten Joint Health & Safety Committees on campus.   

Terms of Reference

Joint Health & Safety Committees - Terms of Reference (PDF, 213 KB)

Please note: the areas covered by each JHSC meeting are currently under review.  We will post an updated list for each committee shortly. 

Committees Membership Areas Covered/Guidelines Minutes


University Administrative Services University Administrative Services Membership (PDF, 519 KB) University Administrative Services Inspection Area (PDF, 8 KB)
Physical Plant Services Physical Plant Services Membership (PDF, 134 KB) Physical Plant Services Inspection Area (PDF, 6 KB)
Library Library Membership (PDF, 103 KB) Library Inspection Area (PDF, 7 KB)
Athletics and Recreation  Athletics and Recreation Membership (PDF, 514 KB) Athletics and Recreation Inspection Area (PDF, 318 KB)
Residences Residences Membership (PDF, 511 KB) Residences Inspection Area (PDF, 6 KB)
Faculty of Arts & Science Faculty of Arts & Science Membership (PDF, 138 KB) Faculty of Arts & Science Inspection Area (PDF, 7 KB)
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Membership (PDF, 522 KB) Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Inspection Area (PDF, 7 KB)
Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences Membership (PDF, 136 KB)

Faculty of Health Sciences Inspection Area (PDF, 7 KB)
Faculty of Education Faculty of Education Membership (PDF, 512 KB) Faculty of Education Inspection Area (PDF, 6 KB)
Family Medicine Family Medicine Membership (PDF, 512 KB) Family Medicine Guidelines (PDF, 16 KB)

Joint Health and Safety Committee Safety Inspection Checklists: