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Off Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP)

OCASP Policy (Located on the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel website)

  • The Queen's University Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (​the Policy) ​became effective on September 1, 2004.
  • The Policy applies to not only all Students, but also all Faculty and Staff, who are undertaking studies, doing research, or carrying out any other work that takes place off-campus and is under the purview of the University.
  • The University is committed to ensuring that all off-campus activities are conducted in as safe and as fully aware a climate as possible, with all persons involved being fully aware of their duties and responsibilities with regard to Due Diligence. 

The fundamental premise of the Policy is that from the initial stages of planning, off-campus activities must be evaluated from a safety perspective.  The Policy recognizes that most off-campus activities entail risks that are no great than the participants would face in everyday life and can be safety carried out with minimal planning and preparation.  However, in the case of an activity that entails risks higher than this, appropriate advance planning, preparation and training must be carried out so that the foreseeable risks are appropriately, managed, and an activity safety plan must be approved before the activity takes place.  In circumstances where it is concluded that the risks are unmanageable, the activity should not be carried out. 

The Policy recognizes that planning and preparation, including risk assessment, for an off-campus activity should be carried out by the organizer (normally at the Unit/Department level) who, it is understood, will have specific relevant knowledge.  When hazards are identified as falling outside local expertise, the Policy requires that planners/organizers consult appropriate experts for advice.  As part of the preparations for an activity, participants must be provided with appropriate training and briefing delivered by persons with the requisite expertise.


All members of the Queen’s community involved in off-campus activities are invited to register their trip/activity in the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy On-line Planning Tool (OCASP 2.0 - using the link below) and in some cases, such as undergraduate students involved in international travel, are required to. This on-line record can be accessed in the event of an emergency and will be used to support those involved in an emergency situation abroad. 

Login to the online OCASP 2.0 system: OCASP 2.0  

Guidance in Completion of Online Forms:

Reference Sheet – Completion of Online form – Low-Risk Activity (PDF 412 KB)
Reference Sheet – Completion of Online form – Higher-Risk Activity (PDF 483 KB)
Reference Sheet – Completion of the Acceptance Process – Participant (PDF 457 KB)

Guidance in Policy Interpretation:

Reference Sheet – How Do I Comply with OCASP? (PDF 351 KB)
Reference Sheet – Where do I Start? (PDF 284 KB)
Reference Sheet – Risk Assessment (PDF 326 KB)
Reference Sheet – Responsibilities of the Person-in-Authority (PDF 339 KB)